Thursday, March 4, 2010

How to Craft the Perfect Doobie

This tutorial will demonstrate how to roll a 'backwards' or 'inside-out' doobie, far superior to the regular inward-rolled doob.

Step 1: Get some filters

I use Raw because I like the size and consistency but you can use any thick paper

I choose to cut them in half for a total length of about 3cm

Step 2: Rolling a filter

Begin by making a 'V' shape by folding once then again in the opposite direction

Once you've done this, roll inward towards the 'V' to make your filter, then set it aside

Step 3: Making the Mix

Grind up some sweet sweet chiba

Place the weed on a 'preparation station' (can be made using any business card)

Mix in loose tobacco (as desired)

Step 4: Preparing the Paper

Get some papes, I use Smoking but anything relatively thin and KING SIZE will do

Here's how a standard paper looks with the glue on the inside angle

Fold the glue so that it's facing you in a small strip

Step 5: Rolling the Doob

Pinch the filter tight while holding it in position at the end of the paper (with about half of the filter sticking out)

Next, slide the mix into position using the preparation station

Remove your forefinger from the filter and pinch the paper together at the end, keeping the filter tight

Keeping your pinch on the filter, use your other hand to roll the mix into shape by going from left to right a few times

Once the mix is shaped, use your thumb to hold the edge of the glue and your forefinger to bring the rest of the paper over it so that you can see the glue strip through the layer of paper

Note that the filter should still be part of the way out

While holding the filter in place, lick through the layer of paper to the glue strip.
At this point you should have something like this

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Hold the glue strip with one hand and tear away the excess paper with the other

Move your thumb down as you go to make sure you don't tear through the glue strip

Your doobie should look something like this

Next, grab a tool. I use a cut-off and sanded chopstick but many things will work

Tap the doob a few times on a hard surface, then use the tool to pack in the top